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Corporate and Groups

Better... Faster... Cheaper... NOW!

Look around you.  Is ANYONE in a "good place" (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually)?  Is there ANYONE who is not feeling the effects of the "current conditions" -- usually in the form of STRESS, if nothing else?  Nearly everthing people are experiencing, though, is a result of their THINKING. [After all, if you're unconscious and not thinking, are you experiencing any stress? No.]  We can't change the world, but we CAN change how we perceive it, react to it, and deal with it -- and in that regard we ARE changing a part of the world.
  • Approved in 1958 by both the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association as a valid medical procedure, HYPNOSIS and HYPNOTHERAPY have been proven in innumerable studies to be the fastest and most effective ways to change thinking.
  • The Sound Mind & Body SOUND HYPNOSIS process is one of if not THE most powerful and effective method of hypnosis today.
  • The SOUND HYPNOSIS process lends itself perfectly to the "group session."

Although a group session can never be as effective as an individual session (where the focus is entirely on one person), in terms of getting the maximum results with the maximum number of people for the LEAST amount of time and money invested, there's nothing else that even comes close!

Let's explore a bit more just some of the benefits to you and your group, team, or organization....

Business as Usual?

In order for businesses to compete in this competitive world, employees are routinely asked to produce more and perform better.  This inevitably leads to increased stress (and fears), which leads to increased incidences of mental, emotional, and physical health issues.

Employee health insurance has now overtaken paid time off as the most costly employee benefit, and the writing’s on the wall that this trend will only continue… unless something changes.


Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.

Given the Choice...

No one WANTS to be “sick” or have some “condition,” nor does an employer desire their employees to be in anything less than top form.  Many easily prevented and/or treatable conditions are not addressed because of

  • Lack of time.
  • Lack of money.
  • Lack of opportunity.
  • Lack of knowledge.
  • Lack of empowerment.
  • … and a general acceptance of the status quo (including the current medical system).

What Can Be Done?

In a word… LOTS, but let’s look at just three which can be easily dealt with:

Smoking – This is one of the most easily rectified ways people ruin their health.  This isn’t rocket science… people who stop smoking WILL be in better health (and save money, so it's a real win-win)!

Weight Loss – It’s harder to change a behavior (especially ones needed in order to keep living) than to stop a behavior, which is why it’s tougher to lose weight than it is to stop smoking.  Nevertheless, the numbers show that people are overweight in staggering numbers, and that the excess weight not only isn’t attractive (leading to other mental and emotional issues), but also leads to physical health issues.

STRESS – It’s something which is an issue for everyone!  Stress directly or indirectly is the number one underlying factor relating to the mental, emotional, and physical health of nearly every person alive.  You can’t escape stress – it’s how you DEAL with it which makes the difference.

Sound Hypnosis is also extremely effective for:

  • Sales motivation and performance.
  • "Team" building, cohesion, and performance.
  • Enhancing creativity, getting "outside the box" and coming up with new/better ways of doing things.
  • and more!

Einstein also said: We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

There's Power in Numbers!

Hypnosis has been shown time and time again to be THE fastest way to change thinking.  When thinking changes, emotions change, and behaviors change as well.  [Note: Hypnosis was approved in 1958 by the American Medical Association as a valid medical procedure.]  If you’re after the most change, for the largest number of people, in the shortest amount of time, for the least amount of money… there’s simply no better alternative!  People who may not be too sure about using hypnosis in an individual session, will sign right up for the group session, because not only is there power in numbers, there's safety there as well!

Beyond Hypnosis

Good as hypnosis techniques are, certified hypnotherapist Kevin Doheny at Sound Mind & Body Healing Center wasn’t satisfied, and so, in an effort to deliver “Better, Faster, and Cheaper,” he created special sounds and developed the Sound Hypnosis Process.  Sound is a carrier-wave for consciousness and reaches areas of the mind which the words of a therapist alone could never reach.  Other hypnotherapists who have experienced Kevin’s Sound Hypnosis have called it the most powerful hypnosis they’ve ever experienced!

"It was great though.
I have to say you are the talk of the place, they all loved it."
Linda Johnson, RNC
Director of Home Care Services

VOA -- Maplewood Care Center

Raising the Bar: Wellness Programs

People, organizations, and even the government is waking up to the fact that the US spends 16.5% of the GDP [in dollars, that comes out to $2.3 trillion] annually on "health care" -- twice as much per capita as European countries -- yet we're twice as sick with chronic disease, and the World Health Organization ranks US "health care" 37th among nations (which would be about on par with Serbia).  The fact is, nearly none of that money is spent on "health care" -- it's spent on "disease care."

"Taking Care of Our Own" -- A Need for Wellness Programs

Corporations spend billions of dollars a year on lost time due to illness, but what about the unreported costs of people who are on the clock, but "not well."  Just looking at the issue of Depression:

Workers with depression reported significantly more total health-related Lost Productive Time (LPT) than those without depression (mean, 5.6 hours/week vs. an expected 1.5 hours/week, respectively). Eighty-one percent of the LPT costs are explained by reduced performance while at work.

Major depression accounts for 48% of the LPT among those with depression, again with a majority of the cost explained by reduced performance while at work. Self-reported use of antidepressants in the previous 12 months among those with depression was low (<30%) and the mean reported treatment effectiveness was only moderate.

Extrapolation of these survey results and self-reported annual incomes to the population of US workers suggests that US workers with depression employed in the previous week cost employers an estimated $44 billion per year in LPT, an excess of $31 billion per year compared with peers without depression. This estimate does not include labor costs associated with short- and long-term disability.
-- Journal of American Medical Association June 2003

These alarming statistics clearly demonstrate where organizations should be focusing their wellness efforts. People who live happy and healthy lives (mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually) are more productive in all they do, have less lost time and fewer "issues."

Rule #1: Focus on What You WANT

In learning about flying, the Wright brothers did not study things that FELL -- they studied things that FLEW!  We will NEVER achieve wellness by focusing our efforts on illness and dis-ease.  If you want to BE well, then that is where the focus of the intention must be.

Rule #2: Teach Only What You KNOW and Live

There are many people talking about health and wellness.  Talk is cheap.  Ask them how long they've been in perfect health, and what they did to achieve it.  When Kevin Doheny talks about wellness, he KNOWS, having now been in perfect health for 11 years.  [That's right... no doctors, illnesses, dis-eases, or health insurance payments.]

Rule #3: Empower People!

To repeat: Talk is cheap. Information is good, but information, facts, figures, plans, concepts, and ideas are WEAK.  These "words" do not empower people, and therefore very little change takes place. To make it all work, and move from ideas to implementation, a method is needed which engages the IMAGINATION, and SOUND HYPNOSIS is just that method!  Empowering people to make positive changes in their lives by changing how they think, feel, and ultimately, ACT!

Kevin Doheny and Sound Mind & Body Healing Center has the track record, the knowledge, and Wellness Programs that employ a holistic approach to health, wellness, happiness, and life.

Moving people toward health and wellness doesn't COST... it PAYS!

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