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Kid Connections 2008.5


I met you at the Conscious Kids Expo last month and had a Human Design reading and bought three CD’s of your music.  I wanted to share with you the healing effects your music is having on my grandchild, Eddie.  He is the little one who feels God has given him the “wrong body” and is afraid of dying at night.  Well, my daughter was very open to receiving the CD’s you recommended so I sent them to her.  She said the children (she has another son) really like the music and she plays it for them when they go to bed every night.  Eddie has been calmer and more relaxed and is sleeping well.  I know that your work was a big piece of his puzzle and I want you to know how grateful I am for all you do.  Thank you. — KML Wisconsin

Well, I listened to the Kids CD and wow!  That was a really powerful experience.

I was able to sit up and meditaite from beginning to the end. Right away, I felt the vibration of the sound expand into the entire room. I then felt a large energy force in my left ear traveling through to my right ear. Only the large opening of energy remained on the left side of my head. For some reason I tested this feeling and by the end of the meditation I had turned my body full circle. The white lite energy ball remained on the left side of my head. When I turned to my right side it was dark but upon focus, the white lite from the left appeared through it, dissapating the darkness. I really was attracted to the sound; it was like dancing or possibly playing...the tone was even, the notes were mild and I felt no drop in energy. 

I think this was one of the most powerful of all the CD's to date.......kewl.

— TM Eagan, MN


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