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ADHD - Shifting Consciousness

Hi Kevin. I just listened to the sample of Essence of Movement recorded on the powerful 10-17 date. You had described how it had taken place when I was there for my hypnosis. It really sounds great. The drumming sounds "in sync" for a bunch of women who were just jamming. And the music that you put with it also sounds like it is supposed to be there. I might have to order a copy. Too bad it is so short. Would be good to pop in for a brief meditation though.

Wanted to update you on a couple of things. First, I am still a nonsmoker!!!! There have been a few temptations but I am hanging in there between the hypnosis and the med (Chantix). Good for me!!!

Also wanted to update you on your [Shifting Consciousness] CD. I have been listening to it every morning for a couple months----usually the second song. I meditate while listening and enjoy it. One of the members of my meditation group---Nick--- works at a school for emotionally disturbed children. Because one of the CDs was not being used by another member he took it to his school. He plays it when the kids come in. He has noticed that there is less commotion and more calmness in the morning, which of course promotes learning and helps to keep the staff sane! One of the students---male, age 12---asked if he could take it home some evenings. So Nick lets him take it over the weekends. Cool, huh? Thought you would be interested. Will keep you posted on any further experiences.

Keep up the good work. All my best, — KF Mason City, IA