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Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for checking in!
Things are going pretty good actually. I is hard to believe that 4 weeks have gone by so quickly. November 19th is my 5 week ortho I will get confirmation on how well things are going at that time. The good news is that I am not having any anxiety regarding the appliance in my mouth, as I look at it as a means to an end...the beautiful smile! And I seem to be doing fairly well with eating too. Obviously, there are some things one shouldn't attempt with so many wires in their mouth...CARAMEL is pretty dangerous!!! However, I was able to eat one of your Omegasential flax cookies the other day! YUM! : )

Thank you for taking me on such short notice when you did! It was greatly appreciated.

Have a great evening!
--KW Eagan, MN

Hi Kevin!
Thanks for checking in! My first session was tremendously helpful and I found myself feeling more in control of my feelings than ever before. I have felt calmer and more able to cope with things. Something definitely changed in me. I currently have the flu and am waiting to get through it, and maybe sometime after that I'll get another session in. -- LT Minneapolis, MN


Hi Kevin,

As you know, life is a process and mine is evolving. I’m pleased to say that I have been in at least two situations recently which may normally have caused me anxiety but found them both to be very comfortable and successful. I can’t exactly explain it but I am currently feeling a consistent level of self confidence that is very satisfying.

I have listened to the recording of our session a couple of times before going into meetings and feel that the reinforcement has been very valuable. Thank you for your assistance in achieving my current goal.

I’ve mentioned my experience to a couple of people who seemed interested in how or if it works. I’ll be sure to pass along your contact information to them.

Warm Regards,


Rochester, MN