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Autism - Shifting Consciousness

Hi Kevin, I was going to email you. This past weekend, there was an agitated autistic man here in his 40's, so irritable and agitated that he was put on a 1 to 1 watch. So on Sunday I brought your CD in for him to listen to. It really seemed to calm him down for a long time, and the other two co-workers agreed. I was going to email you to tell you, but then he became agitated and hit the CD player, causing the CD to not play anymore, so I thought maybe it didn't work as well as I initially thought for him. But as I think of it now, that's the wrong way to think of it. Overall, it really seemed to help to decrease his inner agitation, and because he had one outburst, which was pretty normal for him, does not mean it didn't "work." Overall it was effective. He started to become upset in the lounge at first, so I brought him into his room and had him listen to it, and he calmed down and stayed that way for a long time. It would be great to do a study of some sort with your CD.
— EC St. Paul, MN

Kevin, I am a friend of RH. I work with people who are affected with developmental disabilities with violent tendencies as their job coach at a sheltered work shop. I was talking to RH about one of the women who I serve who is affected by autism and is classified as severely mentally retarded and can be extremely difficult to work with and becomes violent and needs PRN sedation. RH borrowed me her CD. I played it for her the next day at work and it seemed to calm her. But with all he background noise of the others in the room and other music playing it was hard to tell. We have used a walkman tape player with different kinds of music as a way to help this individual calm with varying degrees of success. I was going to have RH record it for me on tape to play it on a walk man and she gave me a tape and CD. I have been using the tape with a comfort blanket for this individual almost everyday when she is agitated with more success then any other types of music. When I say success I mean not having to give her sedative PRN for agitation. Last week I must admit I thought the tape and blanket failed and she blew up. I in the struggle to contain her I was hurt as she grabbed my finger and bent them back to the back of my hand. The next day we figured out that she had a ruptured ear drum I cleaned her ear and called her home. I gave her the PRN sedative for agitation because she did not meet protocol for a pain reliever (all though I knew that the pain reliever would have helped much more I have to follow doctors orders). A couple hours later she came to me and asked for her "teapot" (the word she uses for walkman), I asked her if she would like "the tape" or music(naming things simply makes her accessing things more probable, so sense I have used your tape with her I have called it "the tape"). She very clearly stated tape and when asked she also asked for the blanket. I with in an hour she came to me and asked for a hug which I gave her and then very gently touched my still sore fingers and said she was "very sorry". With the nature of autism I was so surprised to hear her apologize. I must say you tape and CD have been wonderful. I prefer to play sounds to calm instead of PRN sedating. Thanks so much. — NS St. Peter, MN