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Custom (Personal) Sound

Hi Kevin, Yes, I've listened to the composition you played for me. I think its main effect is that my conscious and subconscious self knows in advance the intent or directive of the music, so it really reinforces this in my mind. I try to think of nothing but the pleasant melody as I'm listening -So, I think you want to know if it is helping to manifest the positive carreer objectives we talked about. All I can say is that now I am making a renewed effort to develop valuable industry contacts, step by step, and I'm getting up earlier in the morning to get writing projects done. I'll keep you informed - I think this should be tracked over a longer period of time - it could be a very valuable resource for people who are "stuck in the mud," or the "muck" of negative attitudes that discourage one from full-filling their goals. Thanks for your help, — LJ Wabasha, MN

Hi Kevin, I love the music! My "DNA BUBBLEBATH"! I enjoyed listening when you created it for me. Something has to be working because I have gotten more work done, have been more social and seem to be more clearer. I thank you again for your talents/gifts Kevin. As we move into the age of Aquarius, it is my strong belief that sound waves (air and light) will be the way to heal, rebalance, clear, empower, destroy, like an all purpose tool. We just have to figure it all out from the fog of Pisces and move forward with the ages and it seems like you've done it here! I think I am one of the few only because sound wave healing is still in its beginning phase and since I already know this, I deliberately seek it out. Most people are still in the space of "I'll just take two aspirins- it's a whole lot cheaper" which is all about Pisces they don't know the power of intention and sound/light, but you and I do. You will probably go down in history as one of the grandfathers of sound healing. Keep up your Great Work Kevin — CB Inver Grove Heights, MN

Dear Kevin I enjoyed seeing you as well. I love your enthusiasm (someone once told me that enthusisiam means " with God or with spirit" I have listened to the cd three times so far. When my mind wonders, there will be a few notes that seem to bring me back if that makes sense. So it is working. I think sound is fascinating. I would endorse you exhibiting at the Healing touch conference and it would be a nice segway to present at the next years conference. It was great to see you Love — BM Minneapolis, MN

Dear Kevin, I just recieved your CDs and I just listened to the custom one last night. My experience with it was pretty relaxing, its the first song I can listen to at a loud volume and can sleep without having trouble. I actually tried listening to other songs the last couple of nights and they were still distracting. But when I woke up from your custom sound my head felt very light in a balanced way which I haven't felt for a long while. So I extend my gratitude to you and your guides for helping me make the custom sound. I'll see if anything comes up the next few weeks. Sincerely, — MH San Diego, CA

Hi Kevin, I love the sounds you created for me and You tapped into my needs perfectly. First I will remind you what specific sounds I wanted for my needs at that time. I was working on (and I still am): cutting thru veils and toxic illusions and then releasing them. Then moving on towards a cleaner purer state, I would imagine what I wanted to flow in (good health, energy, intuition, clarity, etc) I would listen to them when I went to bed. I would simply relax and imagine along with the sound layers of fog dissapating, like a sun burning thru the clouds on a hot summer day. Sometimes I would use other kinds of visualizations as well. Then I would see a sound be a liquid color pouring into my body to cleanse, or heal, or clear out, or revitalise (it's easy to get creative and use a variety of images that would come to me at the time). Sometimes I never knew what would happen next, but I just allowed myself to flow with it knowing that what ever came was for my highest good and I did'nt need to controll it, just allow it. I found that a simple "let go and let god" was best, that way many different versions would be revealed as the moment called. It was'nt necessary to play it every night. But playing it once would not be enough. As I came to learn there are many many layers and many many levels. Perhaps infinite layers that I need to go thru. It's a beautiful way to apply intent for releasing and attracting. It's not a long voyage. Thanks for creating this tool Kevin. It works. — CB Inver Grove Heights, MN

M and I just heard his "sound". That is the best work I have ever heard. It was perfectly beautiful. Incredible. M has a special path... and this sound completely revealed that... it was so perfect... it WAS different than anything I have heard you play to date. I KNOW that sound is going to open him to his higher purpose... it was perfection. Thank you. — MD Apple Valley, MN