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This is one of those mind-body areas where hypnotherapy really shines!  Because Sound Mind & Body addresses the whole person, we've noticed an interesting thing in every person we've treated for depression: their body's energy system (the chakras, which are energy input centers) is all closed up.  It's one of those "which came first -- the chicken or the egg?" scenarios.  Is the person depressed because their energy system is closed, or is their energy system closed because they're depressed?  It's impossible to say which "came first" because they go together hand-in-hand.  One thing we can say for sure though is: if we get those energy centers opened up (which is not that difficult) and then ask:
"Are you depressed?" The answer is "no."
"Can you be depressed right now if you tried?" The answer is "no."

Getting to this point can be accomplished by hypnosis, guided imagery, guided meditation, or some Healing Touch.  Retraining the thinking system to NOT start heading into thinking patterns which spiral down into depression, though, is what's needed for lasting changes, and Sound Hypnosis excels in that area!

Some "free advice" for those who are experiencing depression: MOVE!

Get up RIGHT NOW, and get moving!  Walk across the room, the house, go for a walk outside and get some fresh air, exercise, clean the house... whatever -- just GET MOVING!  Once you get moving, you'll start breathing deeper and getting more oxygen into your body. You may not be back up at 100% on top of the world, but you WILL be less depressed.  (Then give us a call at 651-688-2469 so we can start making some lasting changes.)