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Focus and Concentration

Hi Kevin,

Oh yes how are you? I am so sorry. I have been trying to call you, but i just had a rough 2 weeks. I had a knee infection, and I had to stay home for a week. I couldn't go anywhere or drive and I couldn't walk. I want to see you again but I was waiting to cover for the time I missed work. Thank you for checking on me -- that is very nice of you. I was going to call you this week and have an appointment with you for another hypnosis session. I feel really good and peace in my heart. I did really good on my test! I can't even explain myself how much I've changed in class, so I thank you!!! I thank you for giving me all that time. I know you do it for me to feel comfortable. Sorry this is short. I would like to go on but don't want to take all you're time. Thank you for the email. Hope I will see you soon. 'til then you have a good week.
-- HB Woodbury, MN