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Body Work

Healing Touch

healing touch

Healing Touch is an energy (biofield) therapy that encompasses a group of non-invasive techniques that utilize the hands to clear, energize, and balance the human and environmental energy fields. Healing Touch works with the body's natural ability to heal itself and to maintain lifelong wellness and health. The Healing Touch Practitioner re-aligns the energy flow, re-activating the mind/body/spirit connection to eliminate blockages to self-healing. This process helps bring energy into the body to aid in healing, detoxification, and release of pain and stress. The most common exclamation people make at the completion of a Healing Touch session is "Wow!"

Healing Touch uses laying-on-of-hands energy healing while client is fully clothed on a healing table. At the client's request, the practitioner's hands need not be in contact with their body at all.

Homeopathy, essences, and various other methods and remedies are tremendously effective vibrational/energy medicine. They do what they do very well (when the correct remedy is used, of course). One thing, though, that they do not automatically do is to balance the energy system of the person (though hopefully this will be the a state of being arrived at around the conclusion of a comprehensive treatment plan). Regular “energy work” (e.g. Healing Touch) sessions, the 5 Tibetan Rites, the Self-Chakra Connection or some other method of balancing the energy system should be employed (at least) until the person’s energy system “learns” to naturally be in a state of balance.

Hi Kevin, I'm going to LA,CA from monday till friday, but will check emails. By the way, the aftereffects of that healing touch session were incredible -- I was completely energized and exhilarated, for several days afterwards. Thanks again! — EC St. Paul, MN

It's all energy! Our thoughts; everything vibrates! Thank you Kevin for the wonderful work you do with Healing Touch! You are the first person that comes to mind if I'm not feeling up to par! Not my doctor, YOU! The results are immediate with energy work and you are a great healer. Thanks again! — FL Eagan, MN

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for the session I slept very well. I would love to see you a few times before I leave so I can get my energy in preparation for my move and starting my new job/career.
I must say I was so relaxed when I got home and very grateful for what you did.

[Days later:] Feeling better and no pain so far!! :}

-- CC Delano, MN

Hi Kevin,
After our healing session I felt my past was lifted off from my shoulders. THANKS.

-- TM Eagan, MN