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Insomnia / Sleep Issues

Good morning Kevin,

I will definitely be at your Monday night meditation. I have asked my brother to come also. He suffers from panic attacks and I told him he would benefit from hypnotherapy. You really need to add 'insomnia' to your list of what it's good for as many people suffer from insomnia. In all likelihood, the majority of people taking prescription sleeping pills could throw them away - if it can help me who has suffered from insomnia for my entire adult life. I am not saying I sleep perfectly, but it is sooo much better. I can even stay in my own bed (versus...?) at night. I think back to what I could have accomplished in my life had I slept. — MW Cottage Grove, MN

Dear Kevin,

Enclosed is a check for $80 for the CD you made for me.  Thank you very much for your time & expertise.  According to my sleep journal, I started listening to your CD 7/29.  For the First month I would fall asleep quickly listening to the CD, but woke up frequently. I just kept it playing all night, every night & each night it seemed I would hear something new. Last night, I am thrilled to say, I slept from 1:00am to 8:00am without being aware of any wakings! So I am very grateful for your help. After 22 years of poor sleep, this is a huge breakthrough. Thank you again for your help! -- KF Mason City, IA