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healing touch

Center Director / Principal Therapist

Certified Hypnotherapist, (Past Life) Regression Therapist, Mind-Body Therapist, Healing Touch Apprentice Practitioner, Speaker, Composer

A leading authority in
Sound and Consciousness

Mission—My mission is to assist others — and the world — to raise their vibrational levels and to develop their spiritual selves through SELF-MASTERY and PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT.

Philosophy—I know that each human being is a unique interrelated system of body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Therefore in order for any change or healing to take place, all four components need to be addressed in order to return the system to a state of BALANCE. To this end I utilize a variety of innovative techniques — including Hypnotherapy, (Past Life) Regression, Healing Touch, and most of all SOUND (which I incorporate into everything) — custom designed to serve the highest and best interest of each person.

Experience—Kevin has researched healing methods and modalities since 1998 when he proved to himself that maintaining a state of perfect health was not only desirable but indeed possible. [Yes, you read that right -- PERFECT HEALTH from 1998 to present, WITHOUT using any of the fad "stuff" that's out there.] He continually searches out the most powerful and effective techniques to empower others to improve their quality of life. He accomplishes this through a subtle combination of teaching universal truths and ancient wisdom, and the careful selection of advanced mind-body self-mastery techniques. (Kevin checks out things PERSONALLY, and will only talk about or endorse that which he KNOWS works and are worth a person's time and/or money.)  Although passionate about continually learning and updating his skills, Kevin is now devoting his time to sharing this knowledge and skill with others through internet consultations, and speaking engagements, in order to enhance the quality of their life and maximize the development of their spiritual selves.

Note: in terms of the Human Design System [see STORE page for more information on Human Design], Kevin is a "Projector" type, which means he needs to be invited before he can act.  So, do YOUR part by contacting SMBHC and inviting (asking) Kevin to:

  • create some sound,
  • give a presentation to your office or group,
  • do a session,
  • produce a CD for you (or other recorded format),
  • or anything else around breaking out of "the box" for you, your organization, or group.


Setting a New (Higher!) Standard
in Motivational Speaking!

If you're like most people, you've attended some talks by some of the best motivational speakers at various times of your life, and although it may have been a very good presentation, how much did you change your life after leaving the presentation?  Likely not much.  That's because your imagination was not engaged to the point where you could really SEE yourself thinking and acting in a different manner (and the way you were being told to do things was someone else's solution -- not yours).

Kevin motivates people in different (and very powerful) ways:

  • Start with something the group both wants to do and would be able to do.
  • Then get ideas and suggestions from the group on accomplishing that goal (as well as potential problems and pitfalls which may be encountered).
  • Then wrap that all up into a dynamic, dramatic [if you've heard Kevin present, you'd know], and powerful Sound Hypnosis session, whereby through the sound/music and words, in the highly suggestible state of hypnosis, the person can -- at both a subconscious as well as conscious level -- become empowered and motivated to put into effect changes which will move them toward their desired goal.


Some of Kevin's previous presentations:

This is a presentation, incorporating Kevin's keyboard playing and guiding, which he gave at The Creative Hearts retreat in May 2013:


An organizer and "conductor" at the first Symphony of Meditation, which took place in Berkeley, CA, November 12 - 14, 2012.

Here is a meditation from The Symphony of Meditation, in which Inelia Benz is guiding, and Kevin's playing "live" (unrehearsed and spontaneous):

All day presentation at the Milwaukee A.R.E. chapter, March 7, 2009

Kevin was one of the featured speakers at
the Fargo Holistic Expo.  which took place over the weekend of April
18 & 19, 2009.
Presentation topic:
The Keys to Perfectly Sound Health.












On the weekend of April 25 & 26, 2009, the Omaha Health Wellness and Fitness Expo featured Kevin, where he presented on The Keys to Perfectly Sound Health, and also You Are What You Think.

Kevin presented (for the first time) at the 13th annual Body Mind & Spirit Conference at the University of Wisconsin -- Stout, giving a talk entitled Right Sound, Right Mind, Right Thinking.


Kevin is presently involved in and with:

The Creating 5D Organization and Sovereign Media Network

The word is getting out there!

Listen to recordings of Kevin on these radio shows:

Presenting on the topic of "LOVE" on the Juice Bar radio show 2-15-13

(Kevin's part starts about 40 minutes into the show.)

Kevin interviewed on Global Ascension Center Juice Bar 10-26-12

KZUM  6-14-08

Erskine Overnight  08-09-08

Science Online Radio Shows 09-18-08

Feet to the Fire (various listening & download options at bottom of page)


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