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Kevin's Articles/Newsletters

(These will have a separate web page in the future, but for now...)

Date Title
May 2007 Sound -- More Than You're Thinking
June 25, 2008 The Economy of Thought
July 1, 2008 Let Your Voice/Sound be Heard
August 18, 2008 SYNERGY and YOU (and Me [and them])
September 8, 2008 SYNERGY Made Real
November 21, 2008 You Are What You Think
February 27, 2009 It's About Time!
May 29, 2009 Write Your Obituary
August 4, 2009 Fired -- UP!
October 4, 2009 Transport to Your ZONE
February 1, 2010 Know Your Heart
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Heathkit logo

The company who defined "build it yourself" kits (and whose company slogan was "We won't let you fail!") from the 1950's through the 80's is in the process of a rebirth! Returning to the "builder/maker" mentality (rather then being couch potato, instant gratification, disposable culture consumers) is healthy, wise, intellectually stimulating as well as ecologically sound! Please take their SURVEY, and show your support for this concept whose time has returned!


(Practitioners recommended and endorsed by SMBHC)

Affordable Therapeutic Massage & Ear Coning
Fannie Livaditis -- Licensed Massage Therapist

Astrology and Your Personal Astrological Information

Monica Dionne

Emotional Clearing and Coaching

Kornelia Dengel

Twin Cities Backrub Express!

Chair Massage at YOUR Location

Sally Tamplin, B.Ed. (Hons.) D.S.H., M.A.R.H., C.M.T., B.F.R.P.
Classical Homeopathy, Bach Flower Essences, Massage, Reflexology

Holistic Nutrition Counseling

Maggie Christopher

Soul Paintings and Heart Portal Paintings

Brenda McCoy-Lappin

Earth Healing

Bennie LeBeau ("Blue Thunder")

Books by spiritual exploratory author William C. Barnes

First scientifically proven case of reincarnation!

Akashic Records (readings and training on reading the records)

Dahna Fox

Career Counselor

Mary Rose Remington

Living in Health & Harmony with the Earth

Candia Lea Cole

Omegasentials -- a milled flax seed product

Stan Mann

Beachbody programs and Shakeology products

Marie Abress

Food Safety Certification and Training

Royal Crown Consulting Group

Replays of the Meditations, Teaching and Music of an Awsome Event

The Symphony of Meditation

MetAlign Systems & Therapy

Lucille Crow

Lane Robinson's mission is to demystify the concept of life after death and to help grieving people find peace. For more information about Lane, please visit

Healer Singer

Bioresonant "Chakra" shirts

Those wild shirts you see us wearing at expos... this is where to get 'em.

Enhances and balances your body's energy flow just by wearing the shirt!

Psychics, Channelers, Mediums, Angel "readers," etc.



(Information you may find of use)

The Sound Mind & Body Youtube channel:
SMBP Youtube channel

H2O to GO

Purified water in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area.

Information, courses and techniques for personal and global ascension.

Roz Savage

One woman who's making a difference (not to mention rowing across THREE oceans) -- you've got to read this!

Information on Influenza

(Things the allopathic medical community won't tell you.)

Sound Mind & Body Productions Ebay Store

Books and other items not found on the Sound Mind & Body web sites.

A gateway for metaphysical practitioners. Explore it!

Vitamix is the LAST blender/food processor you will ever buy.

Click on the photo above for FREE shipping on a Vitamix!

Malpractice Information - Up to date facts and definitions for all to do with malpractice. This site offers everything patients and families need to know when considering their medical care.

Medical Malpractice Center logo

Medical malpractice exists in cases where a patient sustains some level of damages from a medical professional during the course of his or her official medical


The Five Tibetan Rites
Simple exercises/movements to open and balance your body's energy system, resulting in unlimited energy and enhanced longevity.

Healing Touch

A biofield therapy that is an energy based approach to health and healing.


Non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the acceptance and use of professional and responsible regression sessions through education, association and research.

War Stress Relief
Free help for our troops and their families.
Please volunteer your services in any way you can.

The Edge
Soul of the Cities: a publication online and in print.

Edge Life Expos

Essential Wellness
Exploring natural health, spirituality & global wellness.

Alternatives for Healing

A wealth of information -- check it out!

Body Mind Spirit Directory
Holistic health, metaphysics, natural healing, spirituality, and conscious living.

Tomas Hansen, Ph.D

Declaration of Cosmic Cooperation with off-planet cultures.

Hiding 9/11 [let's NOT!].

Praexis Business Labs

If you're an entrepreneur, you need to know these people.


have provided the tools so that sound can launch and play without delay on the Sound Mind & Body family of web sites.