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It's About Time!

By: Kevin Doheny, BA, CHT, MBT

A Small Request...

Would you do something for yourself (and for me)?  It's important.  Would you take the few minutes of time it takes to read this E-mail (and my upcoming messages as well)? [I try to keep them as short as possible.] If you're like most folks, you get lots of toxic thought (that which makes you feel, well, not good) all the time, so I endeavor to filter that out of my communications to you (as much as possible).  So just for these few minutes, do yourself a favor, turn off the (bad) news, turn off the (escape from) reality shows, and take in something positive and empowering.  After all... there are Problems, and there are Solutions... which would you like?

While Reading...

Right to the left of these words [oh, now THAT'S clear], there are four links to some of my sound/music in MP3 format, which should play fine on any computer.  I invite you to listen to any of them anytime, but why not listen to one of them right now while you're reading? Because of the compression of the MP3 format they're not nearly of the quality of my CDs, but still, not too bad.

Wow!  Cool!

Speaking of CDs, I was amazed the other day.  As I was placing an order for another box of 600 blank CDs, I looked back over my past orders and found that there are just under 4000 CDs out there from Sound Mind & Body!  That's a LOT of CDs!  Most of them are my sound/music, some are meditation sequences from our Monday Sound Meditations, some are made in hypnosis sessions, some are custom sound for people, some are of our Drum Circles, and some are CDs produced for other people, and so on.  The last box of 600 only lasted 5 months [I can recall when I'd only order 100 at a time], and as I've got a couple new CDs which will be released soon, and quite a number of engagements over the next couple months, that box will be gone soon.  If you don't have many (any???) of my CDs... why not?  [Some organizations charge big bucks for their CDs, but I price them very affordably, giving you the most bang for your buck -- but you've got to listen.]

I'd Like to Introduce...

Speaking of CDs, I'd like to introduce you to Ardyce Elayne.  Ardyce came up to the Twin Cities this summer and recorded a CD here at Sound Mind & Body where she's singing a number of Patsy Cline songs, and now she's back in Nashville.  As part of the "package" to get her out there singing, and to promote her CD, I set up a web site for her at   There's a couple tracks from her CD which you can listen to on the site. Check it out, and be sure to send this message on to anyone you may know in the Nashville area.

It is time!

At the Fargo Holistic Expo (April 18 & 19), and the Omaha Health, Wellness and Fitness Expo (April 25 & 26), I'll be presenting talks on The Keys to Perfectly Sound Health.  This is an extremely important and timely message.  It's a message which, when it comes right down to it, is what my sound is about, what my sessions (regardless as to what the "issue" is) are about, what I share/teach about, and what I'm about, and that is self mastery and self empowerment (whichever term you like). Just for a moment, think of why self empowerment and (the goal of) perfect health are so absolutely critically important at this time. I could write reasons for much longer than you'd stick around to read on the subject!  If you've been reading my messages or know me at all, you know this isn't just something I talk about -- I LIVE IT (having been in perfect health now for more than 10 years)!  It CAN be done, but there's a requirement: you must CHOOSE IT (once again... problems or solutions).  The information and message needs to reach people, though, and you can assist (be part of the solution):

  • If you're working for a corporation, put me in touch with the appropriate person(s) there so I can get in for a talk.  Corporations LOVE this (brownie points!), because health care is the highest cost benefit (even surpassing paid time off), and corporations are looking to cut costs.  WIN-WIN (healthier people and lower costs).
  • Colleges & Universities -- great topic for students.
  • Any groups and organizations -- bring this to their attention so I/we can get this message out!

People have asked, so here it is:

If you've been hanging in here with me for a while now, you may recall that back in 2007, I talked a lot about the need to balance, balance ourself (body, emotions, mind, spirit, and be in our heart), and to be in balance.

This has not ended just because we're in 2009 now.  It was needed then and is ongoing -- just like the "underworlds" of the Mayan TUN calendar don't end, and are still needed to "support" what comes next.

What came next was 2008, and 2008 was about ENERGY. It's very important to have the balance before you start messing around with energy.  With balance and control, even a little focused energy can be extremely powerful. I also talked and wrote about this thing called SYNERGY. (The articles on SYNERGY are on the SMBHC Links page and worth a re-read if you haven't looked at them lately, because we're going to build on them.)

2009 is about CONNECTIONS, and CONNECTING -- it is the year to CONNECT. This is building on the Synergistic concepts, and not only will I be writing more on this in the near future, it's SO vitally important at this time that I'll be putting up a whole web site on the topic very soon!  For now, though, suffice it to say:

  • Continue to strive for balance in all areas.
  • Become aware of energy, your own personal energy, how to use it, how it flows, what its qualities are, etc.
  • Be on the watch for and start forming quality synergistic connections, as they're our future (the old "what's in it for me" and "run by the spreadsheet" way of being and doing business died in the 5th Night [which ended Nov.12]).  It's a new era, new energy, and new thinking (which leads to DOing) must now be used.

Perfectly clear?  Well...

It's tough to cover too much in depth in an E-mail or brief article.  No doubt you've got questions about things I cover.  Hopefully it gets you thinking and you'll wonder, "What did he mean by that?" or "Could you explain that a bit more?"  Please, feel free to drop me a note.  I'll either answer directly or write more in an upcoming E-mail such as this.

E-mail Issues:

Speaking of E-mail, "things" have been crawling around the web sites and grabbing E-mail addresses from them.  Consequently I've had an awful lot of junk messages lately, and I've had to crank up the level of filtering. I don't like to do that, because the filters aren't too smart sometimes and messages that I really want to see don't make it to my Inbox (and sorting through the literally hundreds of junk messages each day to make sure nothing "good" was in there isn't practical).  So... if you send me a message and I don't reply within 24 hours, please give me a call, because although I think nearly all valid messages reach me, there's always a chance something important didn't make it.

Sunglasses Optional

During this "Sixth Day of the Galactic Cycle" of the Mayan TUN calendar (which is the brightest time of the cycle -- the "renaissance of consciousness" [following the darkest time we just went through]), there's a tremendous amount to cover as we shift our consciousness into new ways of thinking.  I'll be communicating in this fashion a lot more than I have in the past, and I'll try not to be a pest.  Whether you've done a lot of "work on yourself" or you're just starting out and feeling totally overwhelmed, it's okay -- as long as we're heading in the right [mind] direction, we'll all get there! (I'm always delighted to assist in any way I can... all you have to do is invite me to do so.)


It's wonderful when people forward my messages on to others, and I greatly encourage it!  Please, though, forward the entire message.

In harmony,

P.S.  The STORE page over at the web site has been updated with all the products SMBHC presently offers to enable YOU to reach and maintain that state of being totally EMPOWERED and CONSCIOUS.NEW items continue to be added, so checking there each time you receive this newsletter would be good.

P.P.S. If this message has been forwarded to you, I invite you to subscribe so you'll be on the first string for future messages of this type.  Any page off the main page at has a quick subscription option on the left side below the menu (and I don't send out messages all that often).