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Write Your Obituary

No, The Wizard hasn't completely taken leave of his senses (yet), and yes, you read that correctly.  I want you to take a moment (as soon as possible) and being totally serious and honest with yourself, write your obituary -- the one you're heading for right now if your life continues to follow the same path you're on right now.  Okay, now I want you to write the obituary you WANT.

How Do They Compare?

Are the two obituaries anywhere close to being the same?  If so, I'd say either:

  • You've set you sights too low, or
  • Keep it up -- you're doing GREAT!

If the two obituaries are significantly different, then some change is needed, and I encourage you to keep reading [well, actually keep reading regardless].

Meet Roz

I'd like to introduce you to a friend of mine who did this obituary exercise back around the year 2000.  Roz Savage was 33 years old back then.  She had a good job with a banking corporation, a husband, a house, a little red sports car -- in short, all the things our so called "civilization" says should make one "happy" and show you're "successful"... and the obituary it would eventually lead to was NOT the one she WANTED!  Some VERY serious changes were needed -- and not "later" or "someday" or "when" -- to move Roz onto the path leading to the obituary she desired.  Those changes Roz made has lead to her:

  • In 2005 rowing a 24-foot boat 2935 miles (in 103 days) in a race across the Atlantic Ocean.
  • In 2008 rowing the same boat 2324 miles (in 99 days) from San Francisco to Hawaii, in the first leg of her effort to be the first woman to row across the Pacific Ocean.
  • Raising awareness of ocean pollution and environmental issues, thus being a motivating force and catalyst for people to WAKE UP and clean up their environment.

In fact, as I type this, Roz is on her boat (the Brocade), in the Pacific Ocean, about 60 miles southwest of Hawaii, as she heads for Tuvalu (the 2/3 point as she heads for Australia), having just departed from Hawaii on Sunday evening (May 24th).  This next third of her Pacific crossing is again expected to take about 100 days and one million oar strokes (which all comes out to about 10,000 strokes per day, and 10 hours per day of rowing).

It's in Her "Design"

I had the honor to provide Roz with a reading/interpretation of her Human Design information, and when I pulled it up on my computer, I knew that -- barring any disaster or circumstances completely beyond her control -- she will not only be the first woman in history to row across the Pacific Ocean... she will someday (hopefully after a good many years yet) have the obituary she wanted.  You see, in having a defined G-Center, Roz knows who she is, and she has one channel -- and only one channel -- of power, and that is:

Channel of Discovery -- a design of succeeding where others fail.  [You may have this channel as well.  Are you using YOUR power?] She is BEing who she is and USING her power to DO (and thus she will HAVE).  There's of course a lot more to the Human Design information, however, just that little bit was enough to tell me that THIS is someone doing something quite remarkable (and I don't mean just rowing across an ocean).  [If you'd like your Human Design information, you can find out more about obtaining it here.]

Doing My Part

Roz is not independently wealthy, and doing what she's doing cannot be done alone [I repeat: 2009 is the year of CONNECTIONS].  It takes a group of people -- each with expertise in their particular area -- and of course money as well [repairs and reconditioning of the Brocade upon reaching Hawaii were estimated to be in the $60,000 range].  Although I love being out on large bodies of water [and if Roz wants to give me the Brocade when she's done with it, I'd take it in a second], my rowing takes place on my WaterRower; my REAL talents being in the areas of sound and consciousness.  What value is THAT when you're out there depending solely upon yourself in the middle of an ocean?  Priceless, actually!  Being able to "get out of your head," think creatively, and KNOW what to do [which are just a few of the benefits of using the sound] can make all the difference in the world.  Roz graciously accepted my offer to send her my sound/music.  There's no room for taking CDs, so I converted it to MP3's [yes, all of it, because I couldn't decide what to send and what to leave out] and sent it all off to Roz for loading into her computer and iPOD.  [It's almost as though there's a part of me on the Brocade with Roz.]

Doing No Less for You

I hope you'll take a moment to visit Roz's web site at, read her story, WHY she's doing what she's doing, and perhaps even check up on how things are going for her on her voyage during the next few months.  It's VERY empowering and inspiring!  I didn't know Roz back in 2000 when she wrote her obituaries and decided she was not going to accept being less than she could be, and doing less than she could do.  Fortunately, she was able -- by whatever process she used -- to put into effect some changes, which have now resulted in her being who she is, living the life she loves and -- just as importantly -- making a positive difference in the world! If you'd like to make some changes in YOUR life -- whether they're small tweaks or BIG changes -- I want to assist you to make those changes as easily and naturally as possible.  Whether by sound or by a session, what I do comes down to: (your) self-mastery, and (your) self-empowerment.  You don't have to row across an ocean, but you DO DESERVE to be moving toward the obituary YOU WANT.  As Roz would say to you:

Be mindful of the link between present action and desired future outcome. Ask yourself: if I repeat today's actions 365 times, will I be where I want to be in a year?

In harmony,

P.S. It's wonderful when people forward my messages on to others, and I greatly encourage it!  Please, though, forward the entire message.

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