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Sound – More Than Your Thinking!

By: Kevin Doheny, BA, CHT, MBT


WARNING: Reading this article will likely result in changes to your thinking and your perception of sound.  If you’re 100% comfortable with the “box” your thinking is confined to right now (and don’t mind missing out on what everyone else who reads this will know), then stop reading now.

If you happen to be near some piece of technology which can play an MP3 file from the internet, direct it to play as you’re reading this (you’ll learn why later).  If the speakers are small and you have the option to plug in headphones, please do so, as the little speakers aren’t up to the task here.


Sound as we know it:

Listen… REALLY listen… what do you hear?  Sound tells us a great deal about our environment.  Sound is all around us ALL THE TIME, and unless you go to some extreme measures, it’s nearly impossible to hear NOTHING.  If you were to ask a scientific person what sound is, they may say something about air molecules vibrating in a particular pattern.  Although sound is indeed that, when sound is intentionally and purposefully created it can be much, much more.


Beethoven knew!

You’ve likely heard the opening notes to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony at some point.  What was your response or feeling upon hearing those notes?  It was probably like someone just shouted at you, “HEY – sit up and pay attention, because this is important!”  Why?  Because that was the INTENTION (or consciousness) which Beethoven attached to those notes.  You see, Beethoven was a master of sound, and he understood that SOUND IS A CARRIER WAVE FOR CONSCIOUSNESS and that in order to convey a particular intention, he had to have the RIGHT SOUND.



Sound is very complex, though, and music is just one application of sound.  When creating and working with sound, the parameters which need to be taken into account are:

  • Frequency (pitch).
  • Amplitude (volume, or sound pressure level).
  • Harmonics (timbre, or waveform) – this is why each instrument (even if it’s playing the same pitch) sounds different.
  • Modulation: Frequency (vibrato), and/or amplitude (tremolo).
  • “Envelope” characteristics (such as attack, initial decay, sustained level, and release).

Mind your thoughts

Before we get too mired in the mechanics of sound, let’s examine that other aspect called “consciousness.”  The majority of Beethoven’s music does not have any words, yet the intention (consciousness, or feeling) comes through – which is, by the way, why Beethoven’s music remains among the most popular music ever written.  How is this unspoken communication possible?  To explain this, let’s use a metaphor of two types of “thinking systems” which comprise the mind.  We’ll call them “left mind” and “right mind.”  The “left mind” is where we live nearly all the time, and it uses thought fragments (words – both verbal and written) to communicate.  The “right mind” works entirely differently and MUCH faster, using WHOLE thoughts, pictures, and metaphors.  Another difference is that “right mind” is creative, whereas “left mind” can only do things as it has been taught or shown to do [almost our entire educational system teaches the “left mind”].


Music and sound

Music is sound which has been structured in a particular manner – usually divided up time wise into beats and measures, having proper melodic and harmonic structures and progressions, etc.  All this makes it possible for this codification of sound, called music – largely so that it can be reproduced at some later time.  And do you know what?  “Left mind” loves that sort of neat, orderly, logical stuff.  “Right mind” is interested in what the sound conveys.  Unfortunately, being that “left mind” is where we hang out most of the time, it becomes dominant and when it’s being stimulated or used, “right mind” doesn’t get to do much.

Teaching an old mind new tricks

There’s been a lot of interest and press time lately given to various methods, processes, and so on – all designed to help people change the way they think in order to attract… whatever.  Over the years I’ve tried some of them.  They have some good points, I’ll admit.  My experience, though, was that it was a rather long, tedious and expensive (both in terms of time and money) process with limited results.  Why?  Because they were using the usual “left mind” methods, and left mind cannot be taught to be creative and think in NEW ways – only to think differently.  Just for a moment, think of all the thoughts you’ve had today.  Can you find any thought which is NEW or UNIQUE – an idea which you’re SURE no one has ever had before?  Not likely.

Edgar Cayce knew!

In at least one of his reading/prophecies, Edgar Cayce stated, “Sound will be the medicine of the future.”  Why “the future?”  Back when Edgar said that, electronics were pretty primitive.  The accurate capture, reproduction, and distribution of that sound – still a long way off.  Creation of sound was limited to acoustic sources only.  A true “medicine of the future” would be one which would bring a person back into a state of harmony (balance) by affecting the cause of the dis-harmony (that being the state of consciousness of the mind).  In order to affect that change in the mind, one must speak concisely in the language of consciousness.  At this point in our (d)evolution, though, I don’t know of anyone who’s capable of conveying pure thought/intention to another mind, so we need a third-dimensional carrier wave to do the job, and it’s called SOUND!  Today, we have available the means to produce ANY sound (because it must be the RIGHT sound) necessary to convey the consciousness, capture that sound, distribute it (let me count the ways), and reproduce it.  All YOU have to do is LISTEN.

The bottom line

You cannot truly change anything about your life until you change the way you think.

You cannot change the way you think until you engage the creative abilities of your right mind.

You cannot engage the right mind with left mind constructs (language and what we see).

The right sound, coupled with the right intention is the most effective (and perhaps the only) way to reach your right mind.

Kevin Doheny is Founder and Center Director of Sound Mind & Body Healing Center (and its subsidiary, Sound Mind & Body Productions) in Eagan, MN.  A certified hypnotherapist and developer of the “Sound Hypnosis Process,” Kevin creates personal sound for people and utilizes sound to free people’s thinking. or 651-688-2469

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