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You Are What You Think

By: Kevin Doheny, BA, CHT, MBT

What ARE you thinking?
Brings back images of your parents, but in this case the question is quite literal – and important – and has even greater implications for you at this very moment, than when it was uttered by your parents all those years ago. So then… what ARE you thinking, and where are your thoughts at? Are they thoughts which will bring you a life of all your most wonderful dreams and desires… or your worst nightmares? How can you tell, and are you SURE about those thoughts?

"Mind is the Builder"
You perhaps recognize this quote from Edgar Cayce, and it’s quite true. Everything starts with a thought. You can’t DO anything (excluding reflexes) until you think it first. So what’s the quality of the "materials" (that is thoughts) you’re giving your mind to do its building with? You feed your body by what you take in through your nose and mouth, and you feed your mind by not only what you take in through your eyes and ears, but also by the effect of "mass consciousness." If you eat/drink something that doesn’t agree with you, you may not feel good for a while, but it usually works it’s way through with few lasting ill effects. How do you get rid of something "toxic" which enters your mind, though? Are there still toxic thoughts and unhealthy programs residing in your mind?

Mind Your Computer
There are many models for how our mind works, and one of the models relates the "conscious" part of our mind to the CPU in our computer, and the "subconscious" mind to the data on the disk drive. The CPU [conscious] thinks it’s all important and running the show, but how far would it get without the programs on the disk [subconscious]? Without the programs, the CPU is worthless. Any idea what resides in your subconscious mind [your programs]? Any idea what resides on your disk drive? At this moment there are 25,597 files in 1898 folders just within the \Windows directory structure on my PC, and there is NOT ONE person living on the earth who knows what they’re all for! Some are critical to running the computer, and some are likely never used – and it’s the same way with YOUR subconscious mind. You’ll never know what all’s there, but it determines how YOU operate. So many methods, techniques, therapies and "self-helps" are available today, and it’s those which address the subconscious (and to a degree the conscious) mind which prove to be the most effective for REAL change in thinking.

Need proof?
Examples of how our thinking directly affects our life are endless. A picture is worth a thousand words, so if you go to you can see some examples of thinking represented in aura photography.

Gotta get that feelin’
We can TOUCH and manipulate material objects. Emotions can be FELT, but not touched. THOUGHTS, however, cannot be touched OR felt – so how can you determine the type/quality of your thinking? Be aware of your feelings and emotions – maybe right down to how you’re feeling physically [hasn’t anyone ever told you something – that is given you a thought – and you responded, "I think I’m going to be sick"]. We’re NOT aware of (conscious of) our thinking, but if we pay attention, we ARE aware of how those thoughts are making us FEEL, because the thought always comes first… then the feeling… then (perhaps) the action/response. So in answering the first question about what you’re thinking, and whether the thinking is positive or detrimental, you need only [to borrow from Star Wars] "search your feelings." Your feelings range from (at the top of the scale) "joy, appreciation, empowerment, love, freedom, knowledge," all the way down to "fear, depression, grief, powerlessness, despair." If your thinking is not generating feelings near the top of the scale [how are you feeling when hearing/reading "the news?"], then it’s time to change your thinking!

Must… get… control!
Sadly, we are not in control of our own mind. If you disagree, see how long you can hold ONE THOUGHT in your mind, without your mind hopping on to something else. If we COULD hold that thought for any length of time, our manifesting would truly be impressive. There are some FREE long honored techniques to help us get control over our thinking, and they are MEDITATION and CONCENTRATION. Meditation is SO important that we hold a FREE "Sound Meditation" session at SMBHC every Monday at 7:00pm, and there are many other places where you can hone your meditation skills as well (though you don’t need to go to a special place). Concentration is less understood, so I’ve made available a simple concentration exercise which you can access and print at

If you want CHANGE in your life, then it’s your thinking which must change! (All else will follow.)

Kevin Doheny is Founder and Center Director of Sound Mind & Body Healing Center (and its subsidiary, Sound Mind & Body Productions) in Eagan, MN. A certified hypnotherapist and developer of the “Sound Hypnosis Process,” Kevin creates personal sound/music for people, which frees thinking and develops self-mastery. or 651-688-2469