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Lifestyle Transformation


Hi Kevin, Things are going fairly well. I've been reading a couple of spiritual books - one by the guy who brought hare Krishna from India - the other by James Van Praagh (not sure what your opinion of him is), and have been doing meditation daily. When I came to you, I wasn't looking to take my life in this direction. In fact it was one of the farthest thing from my mind. So I owe you a lot for opening my eyes to the metaphysical and the spiritual. Although M and I aren't really back together, we have been hanging out and taking things slow. So that area seems alright. Definitely keep me on your mailing list. I'd like to come back for a workshop or session sometime soon.
— DR Minneapolis, MN

Shifting Consciousness

I would love to tell you what has been happening. I will start with what comes to mind right NOW and I am taking it with me to my daughters this weekend and will jot more notes. BUT, first of all I keep it in my CD player beside my bed and when I am in the mood (it feels right) I slip on my headset and listen until I begin to either get drousy or the sound becomes "wrong" for the moment. Hard to explain but I could only listen to the first track for quite some time. The next was a bit to much for some reason..Now it is becomming better but slowly. What I have noticed...I no longer have the panic I always felt for so many things. Example--bill time comes and there isn't enough funds to pay them all==before I would panic, cry, become ill, be an absolute bitch to deal with. NOW,,,,,, I just look at the whole picture figure out the next plan and deal with it the best I can. I also avoid confrontations--I no longer care to argue or point out why others are WRONG--it just dosn't matter--I can state what I have to say and walk away. (THIS part drives my husband nuts.LOL) i am living my life more and more by my FEELINGS. To the point of giving the whole right and wrong rule the old heave hoe into the trash. I listen to what I feel and know inside and when I don't--i suffer for it. Thank you Kevin for all you are doing. For me and everyone else out there.
— SM Rochert, MN

I have another WOW for you. My premonitions or clues to things to come is returning. As I prepared to leave Friday for my daughters an old friend came to mind. i acknowledged it and the next feeling was to go to the computer to check for people on and HE WAS THERE. Odd because he is never there anymore only maybe once or twince in the past year. I found out he was now alone and going through some tough things. We made plans and met that night and now we each have a new returned support person in our lives. WOW!! ALSO and best of all. My future son-in-law who is in Iraq has been in my mind more intensely and I have been thinking of him HOME and with my daughter and grandaughter. To my complete surprise upone getting to my daughters friday he WAS THERE. He had chosen his leave and surprised HER and EVERYONE. Kevin I am overwhelmed with the things that are happening. Still haveing trouble accepting it all but I am slowly getting better at those things. Even R is changing. So much as to tell his parents he and his sons couldn't go with the rest of the family for an inpromtu out to eat mean because we didn't have the money. They told him they would take care of that if that was all that was stopping them. So they went. I am so proud of him for admiting or lack of funds to his mom & dad. Maybe just maybe he is growing up!!! Thank you again Kevin. — SM Rochert, MN

Good morning Kevin, So do you have your bags unpacked yet? I assume it was a good trip and not a "long strange one" LOL. I was anxious to know you were home so I could write and thank you again for the tapes because I have been listening to them regularly and I feel differently since I began. Part of me wants to discredit their influence and think it is some other "thing" that has begun to remove the fuzz from the outlines defining my life but because it happened at the same time I started the tapes, I have no REAL choice but to attribute it to them.

I HATE THE DENTIST!!! Well, I don't hate my dentist. But I do hate GOING there for work done. This past Monday I took one of your CDs, my player and headphones in tow when I went ~ WHAT A DIFFERENCE! :-) So I humbly bow before you Oh Great Wizard, and thank you again and again for being consciously aware that I needed to learn more about that which you are committed to teaching. I have one child who is presently going through a very difficult time. He's going to be 18 the end of December and I've been very worried about him, and I asked him if he would be willing to listen to your CD once a day for a week. He agreed. So I'm believing good things for him, and that whatever it is that needs shifting in his consciousness, will be jolted out of the rut he's been in. —CJ Spooner, WI

Hi Kevin! Just wanted to get back to you regarding the wonderful music. I let a friend of mine, listen to the CD and he said he ordered it from you right away---cool. I did notice some interesting things with my daughter while she listened and studied the artwork. She said "I see Atlantis being destroyed"...whew, she knows about Atlantis a little, but that was a really offhand remark coming from her. She also indicated that she saw "gates" open up into other dimensions. I personally just tingle, it is a very pleasant listening experience that does invoke some emotion from time to time. Kinda the full gambit of being a human. Namaste~ — CD

Hi Kevin Thanks for the CD's I've been listening to them, (not the drumming one yet) have been using the other one. I find it very relaxing, it's not disturbing to me at all. and parts of it seem invigorating when it gets to it, it's a more powerful sound to me. thanks for them. — VC Cambridge, OH

Hi Kevin! I 'm glad that I still had this e-mail on my computer. I wanted to thank you for the beautiful cd that you gifted me with! Bennie and I have both used it while he was here, and I 've used it since. I had alot of motion in my third eye and throat and heart chakra. But especially the third eye. Then I felt like I was with the spacial beings. Bennie said he felt two shifts while he listened to it....So what a wonderful gift! I also wanted to say thankyou for the hospitality you showed us while we were there. You're a very caring, giving and gifted man and it was a pleasure to meet you. I may come and check out your meeting sometime to really see what it is all about. Many Blessings. — BK Mankato, MN

Hi Kevin, it's good to hear from you. I would say that listening to the CD when I'm stuck on an issue or concern enables a new way of seeing to open up for me. Either immediately or shortly after, a thought will come to me that is just the insight I needed to deal with the problem from a completely different perspective. — PO Brooklyn Park, MN

Hi Kevin, I took a double dose yesterday, played both tracks. I haven't set up the CD player in my bedroom yet, so didn't sleep with it, but hope to today. The sounds are wonderful. I felt them immediately resonating in my body, and before long I couldn't keep my eyes open. They pull me right into a meditative trance state. I can only assume that this is attuning me to a higher level of good. Thanks so much! I'll recommend the product to my friends. — SR Panama

Hi Kevin. I thought you'd be interested in a reaction that one of my coaching clients had to the consciousness CD. When she first listened to it, she found it very unpleasant and disturbing. At that time, we were working on some issues about love and nurturing involving her parents and grandmother. As a result of that work, she had a major release of stuck energy and a significant inner shift. After that, the music sounded completely different to her, she said that she couldn't even believe that it was the same CD! My sense is that the music was triggering the fear that she had about looking at this aspect that needed healing. Once the fear was released, she could actually hear the music. — PO Minneapolis, MN

Hello Kevin, I have been listening to the CD's you gave me. I thank you so much for them. I wanted asked you about the shifting consciousness CD. How is it meant to be use? Is it to be played as much as you are drawn to listen to it? I've listened to it twice and have listened to the heart sounds CD's several times as well. I'm on a path which frees me from co-dependency. I have grown so much in the past 2 months. I feel that my connection with you has something to do with assisting me in completion.

Thank you so much for sending me your definition of love. I see things even more clearly. My heart aches as it opens and trusts. I believe I've open places that may not have ever been opened before in this lifetime. I am open to any suggestions you have that will assist me in my growth. 2006 was about letting go for me, and now it's time for things to start filling back in. As I fill up I see things in a totally new light. I'm joyful and scared sometimes as well.

Thank you for coming into my life. I think our connection will be there as long as we grow from it and expand our world. You are a rare and good man. Thank you again. — LP Delano, MN

Sera [a child] keeps asking about that sound  "can we listen to that sound that we heard at Marie's?"   it seems like a creative plug has been pulled  like a blockage has been removed  I've also been more emotional.... on the verge of crying in waves  it comes and goes.  In my opinion, its all good." — N, Wisc.


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