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Smoking Cessation

As you'll read in the comments from people below, to quit smoking through Sound Hypnosis is actually about as easy as it gets.  In fact, the "quit smoking" sessions are the easiest sessions we do.  Why?  Because it's easier to STOP a behavior, than it is to modify a behavior.  In smoking cessation sessions we not only use sound which was expressly designed for those who want to quit smoking, but we arm you with tips and tricks to get you through those rough/stressful times when you WOULD have smoked in the past.  And (just as with all Sound Hypnosis personal sessions) you get a CD and/or cassette of the Sound Hypnosis part of the session, should you ever want or need to go through the session again (subsequent sessions, should they be needed, would each be different, and you would also receive a recording of those sessions as well).

Quitting smoking is al total WIN-WIN all the way around, because not only do you improve your health, but you save money, AND reclaim a lot of TIME!  Isn't it time for you to quit smoking TODAY?

Kevin, well it is going on three weeks as of today and my mom and I are completely smoke free!!! I have not had a cigarette since the last one I had just before seeing you on Mother's day. I'm feel good and all is well. Can't stay honestly that a little part of me doesn't miss it but I don't need it and mostly I really don't want it. Thank you so very much for helping my mother and I quit smoking and start living healthier lives. My boyfriend is very happy as well that I have not smoked and all my friends (including the ones who are smokers) are really proud of me. Thanks again!!!! — JLN Rosemount, MN

I saw you years ago to stop smoking, and I'm STILL a non-smoker!
To date I've saved over $8000! -- MF St. Paul, MN

Hi Kevin: Things are going great. I have not started smoking again so far. I feel I am thinking about it a lot more than at first. I really am not in a position to have another session yet financially. But I will keep it in mind for in the future. I really think this was a positive experience for me. I have been having some other medical issue such as a low thyroid and I am dealing with this now... Always something huh? Hope you are doing well. Thank you for writing. — LW Rosemount, MN

Thanks Kevin! Things are going pretty well. I consider myself quitting smoking for almost 4 weeks now. I say "consider" because I have cheated three times, but I am still very proud of what I have accomplished and am quite confident that I am officially a non-smoker. It is tough at times, but not as tough as it has been when I've tried to quit in the past (never making it past one or two days). So, I believe the hypnosis really helped in decreasing the desire to smoke and the intensity of the urges. I have passed your card out to a few people so far and have sent many towards your website, so I hope you get some referrals. That will be my pleasure! Thanks again for everything! I will check back in to let you know how things continue to progress. — HJ Minneapolis, MN

Hi Kevin ~ Fist and foremost I would like to say THANKS ! ! Thanks for helping me become a non-smoker. I am 2 weeks and 3 days into my new life, and am SO happy to have made the decision to quit, and with your help, was able to do it ! I wanted to let you know I have given out all of your business cards that I had, and could use a few more. I believe I had 4 or 5 of them. I know one of my friends NE was recently hypnotized by you to quit smoking as well ~ she is 3 days in and still smoke free. If possible ~ could you mail me a few more of your cards ? Thanks again ! — TS Savage, MN

Kevin, Things are going well. I have not had a cigarette. And I am surprised at how well it has actually gone. It was worse for me thinking about quitting than doing it. Thanks for asking. — NE Shakopee, MN

Hi Kevin, I'm doing very well and haven't smoked a cigarette since. Thank you so much for what you have done for me! I'm also doing the five Tibetan rites each morning and am feeling so much more energized, yet relaxed throughout my days. Thanks again! — EM St. Paul, MN

Hi Kevin ~
I wanted to touch base with you ~ ~ my friend TN said she was in to see you last night. How exciting for her to become a non-smoker. I am still not smoking ~ almost 4 months already, and it is so easy, thanks to you.
I do need additional business cards of yours if you can spare some. I have handed out all of the ones I had.
Thanks ! Have a great day ! -- TS Savage, MN

Dear Kevin,

It was such a good experience that Mom had with you. After that day, I didn't see her in person (though we talk on the phone every day) until Easter Sunday. And it's strange, but I have not directly asked her about smoking. I figured that she took everything in, she liked you very much, she trusted you, and I know she wants to do it. So we gave her more tools and at her age I feel that it's her business and I didn't want to make her feel that anybody was watching her or bugging her.

On Easter she looked really good, didn't go outside for a cigarette, didn't smell of smoke. My partner has been here from Australia this past month but when he leaves in two weeks I will again to to Taylors Falls and spend one-on-one time with Mom and then I'll ask her truly how it's going. I don't know if you would agree with this approach, but I just know that I wouldn't want anybody checking up on me on such a thing.

I can tell you again though, that while it's not an easy thing for her to declare wanting to do, she did indeed enjoy her time with you and willingly, happily, took it all in.

And I have been remiss in thanking you for your generosity of time and for your effort, great skill and kindness in giving of yourself as you did to help her. I will let you know when I have more feedback from her in a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, sincere, belated gratitude to you, Kevin, for helping her more than anyone else ever has.

-- JR Hopkins, MN