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For a quick introduction to Sound and Consciousness, read "Sound—More Than Your Thinking" by Kevin Doheny. While you're reading, listen to the sound which was created to accompany the article!

Sound Healing

This is a very broad topic which has been getting some long overdue attention these days.  Unfortunately, it's also a HUGE topic and one of those cases where people out there are doing a lot of crazy things.  Hopefully they're not just trying to make a quick buck (though some are), nevertheless it's an area where we must warn "let the buyer beware."  (SMBHC has checked out a great many "sound healing" methods, and if there's one you're wondering about, drop us a note and we'll be happy [from an unbiased viewpoint] to discuss some of the pro's and con's and whether it might be beneficial for you, or not.)

The term "sound healing" is one not usually used here at Sound Mind & Body for a couple reasons.  First, because "sound healing" has the wrong consciousness attached to it, in that it's disempowering and implying you don't need to take any personal responsibility because the sound is going to do the work and heal you [when in fact, nothing can heal you, except YOU].  Second, because "sound healing" is a term that's being used by others who are NOT using sound in the way we understand and use it at SMBHC, and so to reduce confusion, we try to avoid the "sound healing" term as much as possible.

The "Transformative Sound" Approach

It's the old "if you keep doing what your doing, you're going to keep getting what you've got."  If everything in your life is absolutely totally positively perfect and couldn't possibly get better -- GREAT (and keep doing what you're doing)!   If on the other hand there's room for improvement in some aspect of your life (outlook, money, releationships, job, habits, performance, etc.), then the next question is, do you WANT the improvement?  Whether your answer is YES or NO, you're a person who will benefit from "transformative sound."  You see, if you answered NO (in that you don't want the any improvement), then there may be issues of FEAR involved (because after all -- who wouldn't want improvements in some aspect(s) of their life?).  And of course if you DO want the improvements, then the sound can help.

How can SOUND help?  Think about it... doesn't everything start with a THOUGHT?  The thoughts then trigger emotions, and finally there may be an action (the DOing part).  Thoughts are at the top of the chain and when your thinking changes (consciously or subconsciously), your feelings change (hopefully for the better, or your thoughts aren't changing in the way we'd like), and then your actions change.  The THINKING MUST change FIRST before you're going to get a different (better, hopefully) result than you've gotten with your "old thinking" in the past.  Sound facilitates changes in thinking because SOUND IS A CARRIER WAVE FOR CONSCIOUSNESS.  That's a BIG concept and key to the whole thing.  Sound (some may call it music, but it doesn't fit the usual definition or structure of music) can not only convey thought which is impossible to properly convey with words, but it can also convey the thought to deep areas of the mind which words could never reach.  (That's why the Sound Hypnosis sessions have been called -- by other hypnotherapists -- the most powerful hypnosis they've ever experienced, because the Sound Hypnosis process uses BOTH sound AND words.)

The sound is termed "transformative" because it works with you in perfect and subtle ways to transform (or change) your thinking, and as stated above, once that changes, everything else is affected as well!  NO negative side effects.  It's the easiest medicine in the world to take -- all you have to do is pop in the CD and listen (anywhere, anytime, even if you can't give it your full attention).

heart sounds - healing music
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Evolving from the nearly two year run of Soul Talk (the weekly metaphysical/ spiritual discussion group, which addressed those persistent questions about life, the universe, and everything), Heart Sounds began its run at the beginning of September 2006. Taking the best of Soul Talk and improving on it (yes, even the cookies have been improved), then adding in the incomparably powerful element of Kevin Doheny's sound (some call it music), makes Heart Sounds evenings an event you'll want to schedule often on your calendar. Every meeting is something different! These informal evenings are generally held a couple Thursday evenings per month in the Twin Cities area and may be attended at any time and without prior reservation. Heart Sounds is also in the planning stages in the western Wisconsin area.  Please join us! (See the Events page for dates and locations.)

Looking for something more personalized? Ask Kevin about custom CDs for your unique intentions.

While practically living in the electronic music studio while at St. Olaf College, Kevin earned the nickname of The Wizard. Now drawing on his passion for music, his extensive knowledge of sound, synthesis, electronics, and his knowledge of sound healing, he uses his personal studio to create music for enhanced states of consciousness, assistance in healing, and just plain fun! Utilizing sound as another tool in his healer's toolbox, Kevin creates tapes, CD's or MP3's custom-designed for his clients' healing needs. Visit our store for a list of available sound healing music CD's, or dash off an E-mail while you're thinking about it to discuss your specific needs. The Wizard would be happy to conjure up what sounds right for you!

sound healing music

sound healing music

See our store for a selection of sound healing music available to purchase.

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