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Sports Performance

Dear Kevin Hi this is LD. I am writing to tell you that we tied against Hibbing and Bemidji! I played very well in both games and it was fun again. We tied Hibbing 3-3 and Bemidji 2-2. It was alot of fun. Thanks so much for what you taught me and i hope to see you again sometime. — LD Stillwater, MN

Hi, it's L, you hypnotized my daughter last year for hockey. Wellllllll, this year was going great but she is in a real slump and would like to get hypnotized again, hopefully by Sat. game at 7pm or she may not play. Thankyou so much, did you know last year she took 1st in her conference but got knocked out last game of sections b/4 the state tourney. Came close. We are in 1st place right now. — L Stillwater, MN

[About figure skating…]  My first practice after the session was notably improved on a particularly difficult element for me, the inside three turn - I had a more relaxed approach to it and was pretty close to achieving it several times (as opposed to nowhere near it, which is more typical).  Same the following day - both days I worked mostly on that particular move as it is an upcoming test element for me.  I got a second place ordinal in Saturday's freeskate (that is a big deal, as I was the lowest level skater in my event and did not expect even one judge to put me ahead of any other skater).
-- MRF Coon Rapids, MN