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Music... Your Sound Prescription for Health!

Each of the items in the SMBHC store is unique, in that is has been designed with a specific intent or purpose in mind (like having a variety of different tools in your tool box).  If you have any questions about which CDs or tracks might be good to listen to for a particular issue, give us a call or dash off an E-mail (more details = better recommendation).  For information on sound, consciousness, and why these items are unique and should be a part of YOUR life, please visit the Transformative Sound page.

Quick links to the items in the SMBHC store:

Keys to Perfectly Sound Health Meditations for Centering, Grounding
Breakthrough CD A Practical Guide to Healing Touch
Kid Connections 2008.5 CD Your Own Personal Sound/Music!
Touch the Heart CD Personal Human Design Chart
Winter Solstice 2007 CD Exploring the 2012 Issue CD set
The Essence of Movement CD Set of 7 Chakra Cards
Shifting Consciousness CD / CDROM Bumper Stickers
Heart Sounds Booklets with CD Energy of Astrology Reading/Session
Sound Hypnosis CD or Cassette  
Heart to Heart Meditation CD Dimensional Changes in 2012 tape

The audio, video, website, multimedia, and events part
of what we are and what we do, can be found at:

The Keys to Perfectly Sound Health

by Kevin Doheny

It’s all around us (unfortunately) – a consciousness of dis-ease. You've seen articles and headlines on how some condition is the number one (of something unpleasant), and how… oops – it looks like they didn’t test out THAT drug well enough before they started handing it out like (very expensive) candy! There IS one thing, though, “they” won’t tell you -- and that is that YOU HAVE A CHOICE! You have a choice to participate in a system of dis-ease... or not. You can CHOOSE to be in PERFECT HEALTH!

In these "uncertain times," is it a good thing to trust your health to a system which is money-driven, and focused on dis-ease, rather than focused on wellness and health? If you COULD (without it costing and arm and a leg) take back control of your health (and life) and LIVE in a state of PERFECTLY SOUND HEALTH... would you choose to do so? If so (or even if your curious about such a possibility), then you owe it to yourself (your family, and friends) to hear this presentation!

This is the presentation Kevin has traveled hundreds of miles to give to audiences.  On the occasion when this recording was made, Kevin was presenting the talk to the Heart Sounds group at Sound Mind & Body, so the venue is a bit more "laid back."  All the important information is there, though.  It's available here as two CDs with color printouts of dozens of supporting PowerPoint slides, or as links to MP3 audio files and a link to a PDF file of the slides -- whichever you'd prefer.

CDs & Paper Copy of Slides $20.00 + shipping & handling


Links to MP3 and PDF files $16.50

BREAKTHROUGH - the Sixth Day
by Kevin Doheny

This is a case where the title says it all,
and the track listing gives the details of the journey!

The Sixth Day… a time of a Renaissance in consciousness.
The brightest time!

Make certain you have the power to Breakthrough
and shine your light at its brightest!

[People at Heart Sounds have been asking weekly for this CD since November, and it has been worth the wait. This latest CD is SO powerful I'm at a loss for words to describe it.  JUST LISTEN. --K.D.]

Audio CD with 7 tracks:
1. Who Will Answer the Call? 9:36
2. Breakthrough 9:38
3. Integration 6:43
4. Empowerment 6:13
5. Navigator of the New Renaissance 10:26
6. Welcome to the Universe 10:59
7. The Future is Bright & Beautiful 12:37

$20.00 + shipping & handling

Kid Connections 2008.5
by Kevin Doheny

Every generation of children are different, but the children of today are even MORE different in terms of the design of their thinking system.  These kids have been designed to be able to adapt to and live in a future we can't even imagine at this time.  In order for the thinking system to be that adaptable, there are areas which could not be "hard wired," so to speak, because the "programming" in those areas would need to be updated from time to time as the times change on earth.  As we know, in order for a program to run on our computer, it must be in the language of the computer.  The "language" of the "human thinking system" is called thought (or consciousness) and words are far too clumsy to accurately convey complex/pure thought.  Sound, being a "carrier wave for consciousness" on the other hand is THE way to convey thought in this material world -- and from the feedback received thus far on this CD, it's just what the kids need (though adults will benefit greatly from listening as well).

Kids Connections 2008.5 CD
Audio CD with 6 tracks:
1. Kid Connections 2008.5 14:15

2. The Bridge 12:00

3. Alchemy 1 9:52

4. Round is Right 9:57

5. Reality 9:50

6. Fun With Bugs 15:13 (bonus track)

$20.00 + shipping & handling

Read what people are saying about Kid Connections 2008.5

Touch the Heart
by Kevin Doheny

The Heart is the Core... the Center... the True Essence.

To touch a person's Heart is to KNOW the person.

LISTEN to the sounds on this CD.

Listen by yourself to connect with your Heart.

Listen with someone else and allow the sounds to connect your Hearts.

This CD was released at a local Healing Touch conference in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area.  Nearly everyone who listened to it, purchased a copy.  Nearly an hour long, it's a good length for your "energy work session."  For a world in which people have lost touch with their heart, this CD is strong medicine! [Use liberally!]

Touch the Heart CD
Audio CD with 6 tracks:
1. Heart Sounds 7:36

2. (Be) Full of Yourself 10:14

3. Love is the Heart of (all) (the) Matter(s) 10:10

4. The White Buffalo Woman 10:03

5. Lemurian Echoes 5:39

6. Heart of the Universe 11:38

$20.00 + shipping & handling

Winter Solstice 2007
by Kevin Doheny

The Winter Solstice is the beginning of the planetary new year.  As that year began, this sound was played -- capturing the conscious intent for the upcoming year.

Winter Solstice 2007 CD
Audio CD with 1 track 14:09

(Donation) + shipping & handling

Special offer: This CD will be included FREE with purchase of 2 or more CDs from this store!

The Essence of Movement
by Monica Ruth and Kevin Doheny

Most of us know that the earth vibrates. This vibration of Mother Earth matches with the beat of the drum. With The Essence of Movement, this vibration of the drum, energy, and other sounds, the vibration of Mother Earth is transformed into harmonized and positive energy. Intention is created when we open ourselves up to become one with Spirit.

the essence of movement audio cd

The Essence of Movement
Audio CD w/4 Tracks (Intentions):
Believe, Release, Gratitude, Peace (17min)
$11.00 + shipping & handling

Listen to a cross sample of all tracks

Shifting Consciousness Through Sound
by Kevin Doheny from the "Soul Paintings" of Brenda McCoy Lappin

Sound is THE most powerful and effective tool we have at our disposal TODAY to effect a shift in consciousness! (Consciousness being WHAT you think and HOW you think, which in turn determines everything about your LIFE.)  Symbols are portals or keys that can open doors to other dimensions, all within our personal universe, thus helping us to know our true divinity. Now for the first time, sounds created by Kevin Doheny have been derived from Intuitive Soul Paintings by Brenda McCoy Lappin. These two modalities - each extremely powerful and moving in its own right - have been merged with the intent of affecting shifts in consciousness... YOUR consciousness!

Shifting Consciousness Through Sound
2 Powerpoint Slideshows with pictures and sound (Includes slideshow viewer software for PC & Mac)
$14.00 + shipping & handling

Computer CD-Rom


Shifting Consciousness Through Sound
Audio CD - Mini Soul Painting images included!
1. Shifting Consciousness Experience 1 14:28
2. Shifting Consciousness Experience 2 18:25
Bonus track: The Portal of August 11, 2006 11:16
$18.00 + shipping & handling

Audio CD

Read what people are saying about Shifting Consciousness.

Heart Sounds Booklets with CDs
by Kevin Doheny

The first step on this "journey" we're on, is that each of us must discover who we are.  You can spend money on the best psychics, readers, channelers and gurus in the world, and at most all they'll be able to do is give you some pieces to the puzzle.  YOU are the one who must put those pieces in place and discover who you are by going within... to your heart.  Don't worry about all the "stuff" you've been told which is in your "head" -- you won't find you there -- you must journey into the "heart space," and for that journey these CDs can help greatly!

(Note: these 8 page booklets are the same except for the CD and the pages describing the tracks on the CD.)

the essence of movement audio cd

Heart Sounds 1 Booklet & CD
Audio CD with 3 tracks:
1. Heart Sounds 7:37
2. All is Sound 7:54
3. Peace Be With You 10:35
$18.00 + shipping & handling


the essence of movement audio cd

Heart Sounds 2 Booklet & CD
Audio CD with 3 tracks:
1. Who are You? (What lies within?)11:19
2. Just Do (Get out of your way.) 12:14
3. Enlightenment 10:48
$18.00 + shipping & handling

Heart to Heart Meditation
by Kevin Doheny

This 20 minutes of sound/music was designed to be used when performing/experiencing Dyadic Exercise number 1, as described by Dr. Brugh Joy in his book, Joy's Way.  The book says to do the exercise in silence -- and there's nothing wrong with that -- but to use this specially created sound [which was created while people were engaged in the experience] is (perhaps) even more profound.  Naturally, the sound can be used for many other purposes as well, but the intention and consciousness of the sound remains that of sending (unconditional) love to the Heart of another person.


Heart to Heart Meditation
Audio CD w/1 Track (20 minutes)
$10 + shipping & handling

Sound Hypnosis
by Kevin Doheny

Can't make it in for a Sound Hypnosis session with Kevin?  (Cuz we know you're not "chicken"...)  This CD is the next best thing -- just pop it on, relax... get VERY relaxed... and away we go.  The first track is nearly 37 minutes and gives you deep relaxation (could be good when you're SO stressed you just can't get to sleep), health, success, motivation, and more.  The second track just barely fit on the CD with almost 42 minutes, giving you ego enhancement, protection, self esteem, and more.

Sound Hypnosis CD
Audio CD with 2 tracks

$22.00 + shipping & handling

NOTE: this item is also available in a CASSETTE version.  If you'd rather have a cassette, please note that in the Paypal comment box.

Your Own Personal Sound / Music!

Created for you by Kevin Doheny

When it comes to SOUND, it's NOT a "one size fits all" type of thing.  Every person is different (different DNA, Human Design, Astrological information, experiences, etc.), and every person's sound is also different.  Maybe you didn't even know you HAD a sound, but you DO, because sound is caused by a pattern of vibration, and every single part of you (right down to the atoms) is constantly vibrating (it's just not a vibration our ears can perceive).  The sound you had as a baby is different than the sound you had as a teenager, and that sound is different than the sound you have now (or even a year ago).  As you change (and hopefully you ARE changing and becoming more conscious) the sound you need changes.  Sometimes the sound is for a particular thing/issue in your life, and sometimes the sound is as timeless as your soul -- but there's no substitution for sound which has been created (or if you prefer the term "music which has been composed") for YOU!

How is this done?

You and Kevin have a chat.  If it could be done in person, that's best, but if not it could be on the phone, or even via E-mail.  That way Kevin gets to know something of who you are and the intention of the sound.  Kevin then finds sounds on his various keyboards which are "right" for you and then plays/records it.  When it's "sounding right," then it's sent to you.

How long will the sound be?

As long as needed, but it usually ends up being around 10 to 20 minutes.

How long does the whole process take?

It all depends on Kevin's project list in the studio, but generally about a week or two.

How should the sound/music be used?

Just listen... anywhere... anytime.

What have people said about their sound/music?

  • I've waited my whole life to hear that!
  • Is that all?  I wanted it to go on forever!
  • That's the most beautiful thing I've ever heard.

Personal Sound
Audio CD or Cassette or MP3 file

$111.00 (including shipping/delivery)



(Your) Sound to Connect

Especially for Energy Workers, Healers, Psychics and Readers

Those engaged in vibrational medicine or "higher vibrational" work know the importance of "connecting" and being "in their zone" prior to beginning their session with someone.  Sound can do many things, and one of the things it does exceptionally well -- when created properly -- is to connect the practitioner and prepare them to provide the highest and best service to the person they're working with.

Note: this about 2 or 3 minutes of YOUR sound for YOUR passionate joy-filled service/work you provide to others.  It is not generic sound.  It is sound which Kevin creates especially for you after talking with you about who you are and what you do.

"Kevin, thank you SO much for creating custom meditation music for me to help me harmonize my energy before doing healing work with clients. I have been listening to the music you designed every day for the last two weeks, and have found that it transports me instantly and consistently into the zone of pure energy that I need to do my work. The three minute piece of music has definitely made me feel much more open, balanced, and effective. I hope that you will market a special type of custom music to energy and healing practitioners so that others may benefit from it." --Lane Robinson

Read the story behind this sound idea!

Personal Sound for Centering & Connecting
Audio CD or Cassette or MP3 file

Special "newest item on the store page" price

$73.11 (including shipping/delivery)


Dimensional Changes in the Year 2012
(2005 Live Lecture)
By Joseph Costa, PhD

This recording is from a live lecture given in April 2005, by Dr. Joseph Costa, of the Institute of Thought in San Diego, California. A great deal of information has been coming out lately concerning "shifts" which are becoming more and more apparent as we approach the year 2012. Some of this information is good, but much is fear-based and inaccurate. Dr. Costa addresses many issues and gives us an up-to-date report on where we're at today.
Very limited quantities left. When they're gone... they're gone.

the essence of movement audio cd

Dimensional Changes in the Year 2012
2005 Live Lecture on CD (78 min)

the essence of movement audio cd

Dimensional Changes in the Year 2012
2005 Live Lecture on Cassette (88 min)
$15.00 + shipping & handling

Set of 7 "Chakra Cards"

The Chakras are the energy centers of the body.  People who do "energy work" or some type of energy healing usually work with the Chakras, and keeping it all straight as to which Chakra relates to which area of the body can sometimes be a bit of a task [now, were the lungs related to the Heart Chakra, or was it the Solar Plexus... or maybe even the Throat?].  SMBHC Chakra Cards to the rescue!  This set of laminated color-coded cards -- each 5.25" x 2.75" -- give the location of the chakra on the body, the organs related to it, the mental and emotional issues, physical disfunctions, and aromatherapy to be used.  These cards are not only great for those "doing the work" but are also a nice thing to give to your favorite clients so they can get more involved in the process and start being more informed and proactive in maintaining their health.  Order a few sets today!


Chakra Card Set
$5.00 + shipping & handling




Express yourself!
Say it with a SMBHC bumper sticker!

Bright and fun sayings for your spiritual (and earthly) journeys. Printed on high-quality, all weather vinyl, this bumper sticker will (probably) last longer than your car! (They're not just for cars, though -- put it up in your area at work or anyplace you want to make a statement!)  All bumper stickers are 11.25 inches long by 3 inches high. Buy yours right now!

love peace harmony
Love Peace Harmony
+ shipping & handling
have you raised your consciousness today?
Have You Raised Your Consciousness Today?
+ shipping & handling
shift happens
Shift Happens
+ shipping & handling
do you know what your driving is doing to my chakras?
Do You Know What Your Driving Is Doing To My CHAKRAS?
+ shipping & handling

Personal Human Design Information

Human Design is a bit like astrology -- in fact, astrological information is used in determining a person's Human Design.  Although complementary, the information from Human Design and astrology are different, so it's a good idea to get hold of BOTH your Human Design AND astrological information.  Even though it's been around since the 90's, many people haven't heard of Human Design.  Learning about your Human Design is like learning about the features on your car (which is important if you're going to operate the vehicle safely and utilize all its capabilities).  In an effort to provide people with as many tools as possible to learn about "who they are," SMBHC will E-mail you back your COMPLETE human design information (about 16 pages) in a PDF file, along with some explanation (the core information, which for most people is plenty to digest for a while).  All that's needed to generate your Human Design information is your birth date, time, and geographical location (usually city & state, or city, province & country if born outside the USA).  IN ADDITION to your complete Human Design information, your Mayan birth information, as well as your Life Path (based on a numerological calculation) will be sent to you as well!


Human Design Information
(You determine the price. )
[When determining the amount, please keep in mind that it takes Kevin about an hour to compile, write, and send this to you.]

In the Paypal comment area, please provide:
Your Name
Birth Date
Birth Time

Location of Birth


Exploring the 2012 Issue
Frank Joseph and Kevin Doheny

Exploring the 2012 Issue
Contains 3 Audio CDs
(Over 3 hours total)
$20.00 + shipping & handling

Most people by now have heard mention of the year 2012.  There's a tremendous amount of mis-information and dis-information out there concerning this "issue."  Are there any scraps of reality or even "truth" in any of it?  In the course of these presentations by Frank Joseph and Kevin Doheny (who offer different interpretations of what the Mayan Calendars say about this particular period) and the questions and discussion which followed, the 2012 issue is explored from various perspectives, so you can "make up your own mind."

This recording was made live at Sound Mind & Body's Heart Sounds group with many-time SMBHC presenter and author Frank Joseph, who had just come out with his own book on the subject, Atlantis and 2012: The Science of the Lost Civilization and the Prophecies of the Maya

Please note: It is not our intention to put out any information which would lead people into a place of FEAR [there's plenty of that out there already].  Nevertheless, there are some scenarios which could possibly be disturbing, depending on where you let your thoughts run.  Therefore, if you listen to this CD set, it's important that you listen to ALL 3 of the CDs, so you get the whole picture as best we understand it at the time the recording was made (which was June 2010). 

Meditations for Grounding, Centering and Healing
Jackie Mielke, BS, CHTP/I, CAHI

Kevin Doheny (Keyboards, Engineer, Producer)

Meditations for Grounding, Centering and Healing
Contains 1 Audio CD,
4 tracks/meditations total
(77 minutes)
$22.00 + shipping & handling


Track 1:  Grounding and Centering (17 min.)


Track 2:  Expanding Energy to Heal Self, Others, and the Earth (23 min.)

                  Adapted from the work of W. Brugh Joy, MD., Joy’s Way-

                  A Map for the Transformational Journey, J. P. Tarcher, Inc, Los Angeles, CA 1979


Track 3:  Raising the Vibration:  The Field and the Light Body (22 min.)

                  Based on the work of Karifried Durkheim in Hara:  The Vital Center of Man, 1975;

                  Barbara Brennan’s Light Emerging:  The Journey of Personal Healing, 1983


Track 4:  Vitalizing the Etheric Body (16 min.)

                  Adaptation from the work of Kyriacos C. Markides, Homage to the Sun, Penguin

                  Group, London, 1987

Kevin writes:

I am absolutely delighted to at long last release this CD to the world!

I say "at long last" because although I've only been working on this CD for between two and three months, it's been requested and in the process for years, so please bear with my enthusiasm while I tell you just a wee bit about it.

Jackie Mielke (whose voice you hear doing the "guiding" on this CD) was one of the first people in the Twin Cities area to become certified as a Healing Touch Practitioner.  Jackie was also approved and certified to be a Healing Touch Instructor (teaching levels 1 through 3), and has taught many classes over the years [some at SMBHC].  One of the things which are common to all her classes [from my observation as both a student and helper in the classes] is that she does some fantastic guided meditations... and that someone inevitably says, "Wow -- that was great! Is there any way we could have a copy of that to use at home?"

So Jackie recorded her part of the meditations here, and then it was a question of what sound/music to have in the background.  I presented the meditations (to both Jackie as well as the Heart Sounds attendees) with some suitable royalty-free music, also some of my previously done (but unreleased) sound, and then I did one meditation with sound/music designed especially for it.  It was unanimous that the sound created specially for the meditation (and what Jackie was saying at each particular moment in the meditation) had the greatest synergy.   It's taken me many hours in the studio, but the end result has been worth it.  We've experienced each of the 4 meditations at Heart Sounds, and they've been received VERY well.

Please note that you do NOT have to be an "energy healer" to benefit from and use these meditations!  Jackie explains in the course of the meditation where everything is, and we've included some diagrams on the inside covers of the CD as well.  All you have to do is relax into the words and the music.  Wondering what it sounds like? Click the Play arrow on the player below. [Remember: the CD will sound much better, as this was compressed for faster downloading.]

As anyone who knows me is aware, I strive for excellence in all I do, and this is especially true in anything that gets recorded/produced in the studio here at Sound Mind and Body.  That's why I'm so excited for this CD to get to people and have them start using it.  I KNOW what it will do for both the person using it, and the world. 

(Be sure the player at the top of this page is STOPPED before starting this one, or both will be playing together [which is interesting, but probably not what you wanted].)

A Practical Guide to Healing Touch Practice:
Away From the Office
Jackie Mielke, BS, CHTP/I, CAHI

Kevin Doheny (Keyboards, Engineer, Producer)

A Practical Guide to Healing Touch Practice: Away From the Office
Contains 2 Audio CDs,
6 tracks total
(92 minutes)
$22.00 + shipping & handling

Energy of Astrology Reading/Session


An astrological natal and transits reading is an interpretation of the planets where they land in your chart of the day of your birth and how that shows our map for this lifetime with the likely experiences you came here to learn (natal), and the current planet placements to show what is happening now, has happened in your immediate past, and what energies you will be working with 1-7 years into the future (transits). This reading is $125, and can be done in one of three ways:

  1. live over Skype (about 2 hours) or,
  2. recorded and emailed to you or,
  3. it can be written down and the document emailed.


Natal & Transits Reading


In the Paypal comment area, please provide:
Your Name
Birth Date
Birth Time

Location of Birth

(accuracy of this information is important for an accurate reading)