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Weight Loss

The statistics on the number of overweight and obese Americans is everywhere, and if you're overweight, you know it's not healthy, and you know you need to DO something to get your weight down (because sooner or later, there WILL be implications).  Let's skip the hype and lay it flat-out on-the-line here: if you're looking for rapid weight loss, or some ridiculous claims about how your pounds are going to disappear while you sit in front of the TV and eat a half-gallon of ice cream... click on to another web site (though please bookmark this site, because you'll want to come back to it later).  Losing weight -- and keeping the weight off once you reach your target weight -- is a process of changing a great many things, and the FIRST thing that needs to change is your THINKING.

  • Thinking about goals.
  • Thinking about food.
  • Thinking about exercise.
  • Thinking about yourself.

That's where Sound Hypnosis can REALLY help you and get you SET for success!  Talk is only talk, and talk is cheap.  Sound Hypnosis reaches and engages your IMAGINATION -- and that's where there's power for CHANGE!  We KNOW what it takes to lose weight, and we know how to assemble those pieces into a session that's right for you.  On the road to reaching your target weight you need a coach with powerful techniques to keep you on track and MOTIVATED.  Let's get started TODAY!

Hi Kevin, Thanks for the note. I am doing just great. We are walking each day, my cleaning projects are coming right along, the eating is much better. I am eating 3 meals and I was at my doctor and she said I have lost weight. All is going great. Thanks! I hope everything is going well for you. Take care.
— JC St. Paul, MN

My eating habits seem to be a lot better and I am losing a little weight. I will be getting in touch to make another appointment within the next week or so.

-- SF Apple Valley, MN